Plovdiv will be European capital of culture in 2019
02 Jan 2018

Plovdiv will be European capital of culture in 2019

The “Together” concept with which Plovdiv won the competition for European capital of culture in 2019 unites people from different age, ethnicity, belief and jobs. All these people share common vision on the cultural development of the city and the whole South Central region in Bulgaria. Thanks to this concept Plovdiv will have few totally new public space such as the Tobacco town with its outstanding architecture, the hills and many more places for culture, sport, recreation and entertainment.

One of the projects that has already started is the development of the Kapana neighborhood which is the first art neighborhood in Bulgaria. Another already started initiative is the development of the former “Cosmos” cinema into zone for culture. Worth mentioning is also the international contest for the Central square, the major investments in the Old Town of Plovdiv, investments in the historic and cultural heritage and many other activities undertaken by the municipality.

Plovdiv is one of the leading cities in decentralization. It is a crossroad for people of different ethnicities who live together in peace and harmony. This ancient city situated on the border between East and West is known worldwide for its Ancient Theater, the Old Town, the Roman Stadium, its churches and mosques standing side by side. Plovdiv looks forward to the future in order to take its deserved place as one of the best European capitals of culture.


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