04 Jan 2018
Plovdiv is the second largest and important city in Bulgaria. It is situated on both banks of Maritsa River in the Upper Valley at 42 ° 9 ‘north latitude and 24 ° 45′ east longitude, and the lowest point is at 160 m above sea level. The area is 101.981 square kilometers with population about 365,000 people. Plovdiv is strategically…
Plovdiv has serious experience in organizing great championships and is preparing for another great forum
03 Jan 2018
The deputy mayor of Plovdiv Georgi Tityukov announced that it has been 3 years since the work on Maritsa Eco park project including the construction of second rowing channel began. He informed that the municipality had invested the total amount of 8 million leva since 2011 in the existing channel. “I have inspected closely the previous championships. That is why…
Plovdiv will be European capital of culture in 2019
02 Jan 2018
The “Together” concept with which Plovdiv won the competition for European capital of culture in 2019 unites people from different age, ethnicity, belief and jobs. All these people share common vision on the cultural development of the city and the whole South Central region in Bulgaria. Thanks to this concept Plovdiv will have few totally new public space such as…
Over 1200 applications for the World Rowing Championship in Plovdiv
01 Jan 2018
Plovdiv will host the Men’s World Rowing Championship that will take place between 9th and 16th September 2018. Over 1200 candidates have applied for participation so far. “The Rowing channel is a well-known destination. Our channel is famous for its unique location. It gives equal conditions to all rowers regardless of the lane in which they compete. Very few channels…


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